Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New reviews of the book

Two journals have published excellent reviews of the book:

Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice, Vol. 8, March 2014 (full review: 
"By offering many attractive examples of Bayesian networks and by making use of software that allows one to play with the networks, readers will definitely get a feel for what can be done with Bayesian networks. … the power and also uniqueness of the book stem from the fact that it is essentially practice oriented, but with a clear aim of equipping the developer of Bayesian networks with a clear understanding of the underlying theory. Anyone involved in everyday decision making looking for a better foundation of what is now mainly based on intuition will learn something from the book." - Peter Lucas
International Journal of Performability Engineering, Vol.9, No. 3, July 2013, pp 551-553 (full review:
“… this book will be found very useful to practitioners, professors, students and anyone interested in understanding the application of Bayesian networks to risk assessment and decision analysis. Having many years experience in the area, I highly recommend the book.” --William E. Vesely (NASA),

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