Tuesday 4 September 2018

It's finally arrived...

Still waiting to get our own copies of the second edition of the book, but one of our PhD students just received his copy, so it is real! The first edition (published Dec 2012) now has 437 Google scholar citations, and many dozens of 5-star reviews on Amazon.


  1. Thanks, I only just discovered (and purchased) the first edition. How substantive are the updates? I am Head of Risk Management for Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe and looking to improve our decision making processes through changes to the risk assessment approach, and also improving our use of scenario analysis. The book is well written and accessible, but if you have changed course through further experience and feedback, I would really like to know.

    Thanks for the clarity of presentation and explanation.

  2. Hi 'The Whizz'
    I did reply to this but it seems to have been deleted it. You will be pleased to know that we have not 'changed course' in the second edition. The message is the same - 'smart data rather than big data'. Of course there is also lots more material...

  3. Hi Norman

    Just ordered your textbook. Looking forward to reading it. Read the two free chapters and that convinced me. We are working on applying Bayesian Networks to security and crowd management - we have plenty of expertise (many years of working in crowd management and big events), in the area, loads of data and look forward to see what we can do. see http://www.dynamiccrowdmanagement.com/
    Let me know if you would like more information; Bill O'Toole events@epms.net. It would be good to correspond.

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